SURG 560: Global Surgical Care Field Practicum

In the field practicum, students will complete an on-site field placement “grounding” their knowledge and skills attained in the other courses of the program.

Credits: 6

Prerequisites: SURG 510, SURG 512, SURG 514, SURG 516, and SURG 517.




It will enable students to synthesize the knowledge gained from the coursework, transfer their knowledge to one aspect of International Surgical Care practice, and demonstrate achievement of the Master’s program learning objectives. A high level written report will be the main evaluated component and could well provide the basis for a publication or for a major conference presentation.

Upon completion of this course, the learner will:

  • conceptualize and design, at a graduate level, a surgical care project, either in a research or educational development format, for a low resource setting globally
  • implement and evaluate an approved surgical care project
  • discuss the importance of host colleague partnerships in global surgical care projects
  • articulate and discuss the barriers to successful global surgical care projects
  • articulate and defend the value of a field practicum to consolidate learning of surgical care in low resource settings globally
  • prepare and complete a publication-ready report on a global surgical care project