SURG 542: Directed Study in Global Surgical Care

Through the Directed Study course, students will carry out an exhaustive search of the world literature, on a global surgical care topic of their choice.

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: SURG 510, SURG 512, SURG 514, and SURG 517.



Topics will be chosen by the student in the specialty discipline in consultation with a faculty advisor to support in-depth learning of the current state of knowledge in that topic and to explore knowledge deficits that need to be addressed. This course will promote knowledge acquisition and critical thinking for the student and contribute significantly to the education of peers and to UBC’s Global Surgical Care knowledge repository.

Upon completion of this course, the learner will:

  • identify impediments in providing patients in a low-resource setting the required surgical care
  • analyze the reasons behind and the relevant factors contributing to the impediment
  • collaborate with colleagues locally, nationally and internationally to coordinate efficient solutions to identified impediments in provision of surgical care to patients in low-resource settings
  • establish a framework to work within to develop creative and/or novel solutions to improve surgical care provision to patients in low-resource settings
  • acquire additional knowledge in a learner chosen discipline or field of specialization in the area of global surgical care provision
  • demonstrate self-directed and life-long learning education skills in the field of provision of surgical care in low-resource settings