SURG 512: Global Disability– A Surgical Care Mandate

In this online graduate course, students will critique current models of addressing the fact that globally, one billion people live with a disability of whom 80% live in resource limited settings which further compounds the family and public burden and discuss frameworks for moving forward.

Credits: 3


Discussion focuses on frameworks for advocacy and alleviating the global burden of surgical disability.

Upon successful completion of this course learners will have:

  • an understanding of the global status of impairment and disability due to unmet surgical need
  • a familiarity with the international conventions and policy documents of the United Nations and World Health Organization with reference to surgical implications in health and disability
  • the ability to outline the spectrum of involvement of surgical activities in preventing and treating disabling impairments
  • the ability to explain the need for workforce capacity building and infrastructure enhancement to meet the need
  • the ability to discuss proven strategies in overcoming the barriers to effective surgical care of disabling conditions
  • the ability to elaborate on some of the ethical controversies and dilemmas in meeting a service need in the context of limited available resources