Maternal Health:

Alert Village Toolkit – Indonesia

Increasing Access to Surgical Services in sub-Saharan Africa

Lancet – Maternal Mortality surprise hope and urgent action

Joint Position Paper on Training for Rural Family Practitioners

The Globe and Mail’s Geoffrey York, writes about the the crisis of maternal mortality and read the Editorial: making the world safe for childbirth

Training midwives a “WIDE ANGLE” production – Birth of a Surgeon


Surgical Care:

Read more about the role of Surgery in Global Health

Addressing the Millennium Development Goals from a Surgical Perspective, Archives of Surgery, Feb 2010

Bad Decisions for Global Health, The Lancet

Bridging the Gap between Public Health and Surgery: Access to surgical care in low and middle income countries

Burden of Surgical Disease: Does the literature reflect the scope of the international crisis?

Essential Surgery: Integral to the right to health, Health and Human Rights, vol 12, 2010

ASAP has a short film on Haiti related to the Essential Surgery article above:

Globalization of Surgery – Let’s get serious, ARCH SURG/Vol 145 ( 8) Aug 2010

The Grand Challenges Approach – January 2011

Open letter to young surgeons interested in humanitarian surgery, Archives of Surgery, Feb 2010

The Lancet – European academic institutions for Global Health – January 2011

The Lancet – Medical schools in sub-Saharan Africa – March 2011

Provision of Surgical Care by International Organizations in Developing Countries: Preliminary Report

Surgery and Global Health: A View Beyond the OR by Dr. Paul Farmer and Dr. Jim Kim

Surgical Care perspectives – The evolving role of surgery in global health Dr. Haile Debas

Telehealth in the Developing World, IDRC – Dr. Kendall Ho – Telemedical Support for Surgeons in Ecuador – 2009

The Lancet – What is the Point of Surgery? – September 2010

The Lancet – WHO Surgical Safety Checklist has Value Worldwide – April 2009

WHO – Task Shifting Report maternal and child healthcare Uganda 2010

News Media, Videos & Other:

The Economist – A Doctor in your pocket – mobile phones – April 2009

The Globe and Mail – Ghana – Dr. Asante – May 2010

Job Satisfaction And Morale In The Ugandan Health Workforce – August 2009

Partnership Assessment Toolkit CCGHR 2009

Global health workers – imagine addressing the issue: