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Sourcing Academic Programs:
Postgraduate Training Programs in GH – This is a great website to find postgraduate programs. Developed by Swiss institutions, it provides access to detailed descriptions of a wide variety of post-graduate programs. The database allows searches by topic, institution, country, type of program, and language.


Background Reading:

Fly-By Medical Care-article published May 2011

Lancet Article – Comment on Medical Electives

Global Surgery and Public Health is a new book by  Catherine R. deVries and Raymond R. Price, (Available November 29, 2010)

Eldis — good source of development policy, practice and research produced by the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK

Getting Involved: Donating time, money and expertise to global health

This article mentions the Branch’s course, SURG 510 as well as other educational programs. Global Surgery: Thoughts on an Emerging Surgical Subspecialty for Students and Residents

A survey of Canadian general surgery residents’ interest in international surgery
Anise Barton,* David Williams,* Massey Beveridge,† and in collaboration with the Canadian Association of General Surgeons Committee for International Surgery
From the Departments of Surgery at the *University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta., and the †University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.

Read about how one surgeon, Dr Will Grut, is making a difference using his surgical skills

International experience, electives, and volunteerism in surgical training: a survey of resident interest
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International surgery: the development of postgraduate surgical training in Guyana
Cameron BHRambaran MSharma DPTaylor RH.
Department of Surgery and Pediatrics
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario

Open Letter to Young Surgeons interested in Humanitarian Surgery, Archives of Surgery, Feb 2010

Surgery in developing countries: essential training in residency
Ozgediz D
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Global Health Sciences and Department of General Surgery
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Surgical training and global health: initial results of a 5-year partnership with a surgical training program in a low-income country
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Tips for Developing a Successful Surgical Global Career — Stephen Bickler

Training for a Global State of Mind,
Jane Philpott, Virtual Mentor. March 2010, Volume 12, Number 3: 231-236,


What is surgery in global health?  Not sure?  Learn more by taking this short online course

Other Useful Tools:

Canadian Network for International Surgery

GHEC has a useful checklist of things to consider for an international elective —
Also checkout their residency handbook (PDF)

Global Health in Canada:  Dr. Mayhew’s Cross-cultural Health Experience

Canadian Association of General Surgeons has useful information on Surgical Residency Requirements and a good checklist for residents going overseas on medical missions

Operation GivingBack, American College of Surgeons has a good Resource Centre with numerous links to additional resources

The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies in combination with two leading instrument companies has come up with a plan to supply developing units with neurosurgical patients with a basic fundamental set of instruments and a functional, if not classy surgical microscope. Read more about the eligibility criteria: