Current Student FAQs

Full-time students complete the program in one year, taking two courses per term: SURG 510 and 512 in September, and SURG 514 and 516 in January.

Part-time students (completion in more than one academic year) can start with SURG 510 in September and SURG 514 or 516 in January.

 All of our courses are offered once per year, subject to enrollment numbers.

September: SURG 510 and SURG 512

January: SURG 514 and SURG 516

Students in the GCGSC are part of a cohort program and thus have the opportunity to take SURG 510 and SURG 512 concurrently. If you would like to take both SURG 510 and 512 this September, please email the Managing Director at to request special permission.

Most students who are currently working and have other commitments choose to enroll in one or two courses each term. Registration in two courses per term allows GCGSC completion in one year; one course per term allows completion in two years.

The time commitment is usually comparable to a graduate-level, 3-credit, face-to-face course. Each course is estimated to require between 6 and 8 hours per week. However, this varies largely by individual study habits and preferences.

Some students who study full-time will complete the program in one year. Most students take two to three years for completion. Students must complete their requirements within 5 years of starting the program. Please note we do not offer summer courses.

Instructions for course registration can be found here.

Log in to the SSC. Click ‘Registration’ > ‘Add/Drop Courses’. Select the course you want to drop. Click ‘Drop Selected Section’.

Tuition refunds for dropped courses are as follows:

  • Drop during first two weeks: 100%
  • Drop during third week: 50%
  • Drop during fourth week: 25%
  • After fourth week: No Refund

IMPORTANT: If you wish to drop a course, you must actually drop the course from your schedule on the UBC system.  It is not enough to just stop showing up on the course web site.

If a student does not officially drop the course the student will be graded based on what he/she has contributed so far (usually very little to nothing).  This can have an enormous impact on the student's GPA and status in the program.

As in any course, any problem should first be taken up with the course instructor.

You can contact the course instructor through the Canvas online learning platform. Alternatively, you may sometimes find it listed on the SSC Course Schedule, accessible by clicking the following: Course name (ex. SURG 510) > Course section (ex. SURG 510 99A) > Instructor name.

Let the program office know that you will be taking a short break and the length of time you anticipate being away from your studies.

You must take at least one course in the first academic session (September through April) that you are enrolled or you will be considered to have refused your offer of admission and must re-apply if you wish to continue. Once you have taken your first course, you do not have to register in courses in a term if you are not able to.  Please keep in mind that you must complete all requirements within 5 years of starting the program.

You must apply to graduate through your Student Account. Please first make sure your financial account is settled there as you will not receive a diploma with outstanding fees.

  • Login to the SSC:
  • Go to Graduation > Apply for Graduation
  • Fill out required fields, and click ‘Save’
  • Wait for approval decision by the Faculty of Medicine. You can check your application status in the Graduation Details box on your application at the top of the screen.
  • After your diploma has been conferred, you can pick up your diploma or pay for courier.
    • Your diploma will be ready for pick-up at the Advising Centre in Brock Hall (1874 East Mall located at UBC Point Grey campus) on December 4th, 2017.
    • For courier, please log-in to SSC: Graduation tab > ‘Courier my Original Diploma’. You will be able to pay the courier fee and provide an address for delivery. Diplomas will be sent out as soon as the graduation ceremonies end.

As a Graduate Certificate student, you will not be attending the graduation ceremonies, but your degree will be conferred and the credential added to your UBC record.