Educate Tomorrow’s International Surgical Care Leaders

Help us expand the world’s only international online graduate surgery care program. Have a profound impact on increasing the number of skilled and knowledgeable surgeons working in disadvantaged regions of the world.

In order to build on the successes of our three SURG courses, the Branch has developed a Graduate Certificate in Global Surgical Care that will be launching in September 2015 — which will then lead to a Master’s Program – the only program of its kind in the world. We already know that many of our SURG course alumni and others are eager to pursue both full and part time careers in international surgery.

Surgeons and residents have little time to spare so the academic training we wish to provide is in a format — primarily online, with a practicum component in the field – that enables them to keep serving their community, while also receiving valuable training that will greatly enhance their ability to practice surgery in low resource settings.

Your donation provides critical support to the only program of its kind in the world that seeks to address the global need for surgical care in vulnerable and under-served areas of the world.

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