Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the Branch for International Surgical Care’s Graduate program in Global Surgical Care

The admission requirements for individual courses and the certificate program are the same.

Criteria for admission to the graduate courses are the same as those required for admission to master’s programs at UBC as outlined by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

The intended participants are:
• Graduate level students, postgraduate trainees, surgeons or surgery-related health practitioners.
• Surgical care clinicians, trainees in surgical care disciplines, allied health professionals or trainees involved, or who wish to be involved, in global surgical care programs.
• Non-medical graduate students or others may register with permission from the Instructor.

Each applicant will be required to submit a letter of intent and a resume that includes their education and work experience. This information will be reviewed by the Director of the Branch for International Surgical Care.

SPPH 540 – students will be required to provide evidence of a basic understanding of epidemiological concepts and bio-statistics either through previous courses completed or from work experience. The Director of the Branch for International Surgical Care and the instructor of SPPH 540 will review applications and grant permission based on evidence provided at the time of application.

International Applicants: Academic entry requirements from education programs other than Canada can be reviewed on the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies website. Degree requirements and academic standings vary from Canadian admissions.

English Competency: English is the primary language of instruction at UBC. All prospective students are required to demonstrate competence in the English language prior to admission. Visit English Language Admission Standard for details. Applicants from a university outside of Canada in which English is not the primary language of instruction must present a one page Statement of Intent, in English, outlining why they wish to take the program and their competency to pursue studies in the English language. The Statement of Intent must be signed by a university faculty member. No offer of admission will be extended until the English competency requirement has been met.